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The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

- Steve Jobs

Recruiting on a whole new level.

I am the product designer responsible for the UX library used across Career Fair Plus products, containing design artifacts, cross-platform code, and implementation guidance to craft beautiful, easy to understand interfaces.

Responsible for modernizing customer-facing marketing collateral, including the main website, and core products. Successfully capturing and responding to feedback from multiple stakeholders, to unite perspectives and set the track to implementation.


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In the two years you've spent with us, you've taken our product to a level we were previously incapable of. We couldn't have pivoted to virtual without you.

Hussain FroshCo-Founder, Career Fair Plus

Casual, yet refined.

Boston restaurateur Brian Piccini's latest venture was in need of a unique brand identity to compliment one-of-a-kind space: a stately, ornate bank branch complete with a vault. I established a visual brand that exudes rustic luxury.

Award Winning

Innovation for the moments that matter.

Designing the next generation of virtual trainers and the software that supports them; pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of a training platform I designed utilizing the latest in AR/VR technology. Look for me giving a demo in the background!


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Highly respected by leadership and dedicated to meeting tight deadlines, Larry's ability to work quickly and independently is truly commendable.

Joshua J. WardManager III, Software Engineering, Raytheon Technologies

Together, we can make the internet a more beautiful place.


Career Fair Plus

Hospitality Hiring Campaign

The hospitality industry was "feeling the squeeze" and struggling to find workers during the pandemic. As project lead, I created a marketing campaign to assist local restaurants in finding high school and college age candidates in their local markets.
Raytheon Technologies

Cutting-Edge Virtual Classroom

Experience learning like never before. Take control in an immersive, 3D, interactive environment.
Career Fair PlusRaytheon Technologies

Complex User Flows & Design Process

From beginning to end, your product needs a plan. I've got one.

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i am ready… 

i am ready… 

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are you? 

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